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1. Flaunt It While You Got It.

You're only young(ish) once, and we're all too familiar with the relentless aging process! Chances are, you're going to be more comfortable in front of a camera today than you will be in ten years, and gravity ain't gonna wait for you to get brave (LOL!!) So I suggest this: book a photographer NOW, without hesitation. Do (optional) crunches everyday 'til the photo shoot. Gather your best girlfriends. Heck! Have them do their shoot too!! Make it a Boudoir Marathon session with the Photographer! Take two (mandatory) shots of vodka when the photographer knocks on your door. Have fun!! Get into it. Be one with the camera.

2. Lasting Memories.

On that note, the photos you take will forever be a wicked reminder of how HOT you are!! Those all too familiar days your skinny jeans suddenly "shrunk in the wash" and (you think) you're having a bad hair day? Check yourself out. Pull out those old pics and take a long, hard look. You still got it babe! The boudoir images may be the best gift ever for your man...but they're also a great little boost to your self-esteem! Feeling good on the inside will radiate through your outward beauty and make you a better version of yourself.  #truetalk

3. I'm Professional.

I know how to make you look good. Camera shy? Let me tell you a secret. Photographers are professionals in their field for a reason. We know angles. We know lighting. Our job is to make you look your best! I will guide you, suggest postures and poses, tuck your hair behind your shoulder and place your hand in just the right spot to make sure you're really nailing it. I'll take pictures that will have you thinking, #iamonebadddddddchick. Trust me!

4. Who doesn't love to play dress up?

Everyday, you play the important role of being yourself. And for most part, the daily grind doesn't involve posing half naked in front of a professional lens, feeling sexy, and having FUN with something a little outside the box! This is your chance to role play a little. Pout your lip if you want to. Stare out an old window into the unknown (like your favorite album cover). Swing from a chandelier. Be dramatic. Replace your lip salve with velvet red lip stain. Wear lace. Play with your edge and push your personal boundaries....you'll feel liberated and excited as you begin to let your guard down! Be daring. I dare you!

5. Go Shopping.

Ladies get to an age where they should all just own nice, sexy, womanly undergarments. My wife tells me she remembers turning a young-twenty-something, opening her underwear drawer one day and thinking, "holy crap, no one should EVER have to see these." So, she briskly threw all those embarrassments in the trash and started fresh. Boudoir photo shoots give you the chance to spruce things up in that neglected top drawer! Not saying you have to go to Victoria's Secret and become an angel, but even your local Walmart offers some pretty sweet deals on cute little panties that will look great on film...and make you feel sweet in your everyday! Treat yourself. And your man, for that matter ;)  (Thank me later for that piece of advice).

6. You Know He Wants It.

Let's be honest. What man wouldn't want professional photos of his wife, girlfriend (or whatever the newest title is) in cut offs and a crop top? Name a guy that wouldn't be over the moon to see his lady sporting one of his business shirts and a big ole grin? You know why this is irresistible to your man? Because you're displaying confidence, you're being playful, and you're doing it for his eyes only! Lord knows no one else is going to see these pictures, so it's your little secret. It's pretty much the best gift ever. #bestwifeaward

7. Because You Only Live Once.

Because you only live once, and every girl deserves the chance to feel beautiful - inside & out - and treat herself to a light-hearted, girls night, photo session that makes her feel sexy, confident, radiant, exhilarated, feminine, and fun!! This isn't about anything but YOU! So make a night of it! Gather your girls, stock up on champagne and get glamorous! Get wild, feel free. Let your hair down and laugh it off. You'll have so much fun you'll end up making in it an annual girls thing. #boudoirmarathon

Still not convinced? Call me and we can discuss your boudoir inspiration and swap some stunning examples of sexy photo shoots that boast of class, sophistication, and romance.

- John


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